CLIENT Brigade Group
YEAR 2012
LOCATION Bangalore
VISUALS AWA, Brigade Gateway


The World Trade Center Bangalore is situated within the Brigade Gateway complex. The master-plan for this 40 acre complex, as well as the design for the building, located at Rajajinagar-Malleswaram Junction in North Bangalore, India, was designed by HOK, New York. The WTC at Brigade Gateway is the tallest commercial building in Bangalore, and is the first fully privately owned installation of a WTC in India. Bangalore is responsible for a large portion of India’s software exports and other public sector heavy industries and is proud to see its growth manifest in this new building.

A layered approach was used to develop the lighting on the site in order to create a visual hierarchy. The World Trade Center building is the fulcrum of the site, where the light concentrates and shimmers. The light skips over the roof tops of residences as well as pools in the public spaces between as it emanates from the WTC. The lighting scheme is crucial in establishing a sense of place, and enabling intuitive navigation throughout the expansive forty-acre site. The dramatic forms of the buildings are highlighted, and public spaces are given special emphasis through the lighting master-plan. The central plaza is surrounded by commercial spaces and incorporates dramatic water features. From the WTC itself to the surrounding facilities, creative solutions keep each space fresh and unique, and enliven public spaces in the evening.

The WTC lighting scheme accents the architectural form by rendering edges in light. Vertical edges reach skyward with points of light tracing the buildings soaring perspective from the ground-up. The crown receives a rhythm of linear lights to create a special accent and the signage is brightly illuminated to read from a distance.